DEVO 005 | More Than We Deserve

It’s the time of the year when thanksgiving takes the spotlight, although, like many, I believe thanksgiving ought to be celebrated every day. But it’s wonderful how everybody intentionally celebrates it, really. Don’t you think so? With this, I stumbled upon my dear friend, Dee’s post regarding the said occasion. She expressed, “what would happen if we get everything we wanted?” That really got me … Continue reading DEVO 005 | More Than We Deserve

Takeaways from Fusion Camp 2019

A weekend my hubs & I will cherish forever, #FusionCamp2019 was truly one for the books! It was the first couples camp organised by Citichurch, lead by Pastors JP & Cielo Villegas with guest speakers Pastor Peter & Christine Kairuz. By God’s grace we, along with a bunch of couples, had a blast learning about God’s word & design in marriage & practical concerns while … Continue reading Takeaways from Fusion Camp 2019

Takeaways from Colour Me Ladies Conference 2019

Hi there! It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog. Sooooo many things are on my plate right now, motherhood having the biggest part from the pie, hah! #honestmotherhood Also, partly because I’ve added vlogging to my content but blogging will always have a special place in my heart. So here it goes! Last week I had my MTO (Mom’s Time Out), … Continue reading Takeaways from Colour Me Ladies Conference 2019

DEVO 001 | Pass It On

Most of the things you know in life are passed on. Do you realise that? The things you believe in, mantra, perspective, songs you make covers on, original ones from passed on insights, realisations, emotions & etc. Now, could you imagine something beautiful that has been passed on from generations to stop all because you decided to keep it to yourself? Or maybe you just … Continue reading DEVO 001 | Pass It On