DEVO 003 | I Wanna Know What Love Is

It’s the love month & I wouldn’t miss this chance to share about LOVE. Straight to the point! As we celebrate our relationships this February, may we not forget our first love- Jesus. We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19 He is WHY we are able to love for HE is LOVE. And I believe it is in knowing, acknowledging & experiencing … Continue reading DEVO 003 | I Wanna Know What Love Is

DEVO 001 | Pass It On

Most of the things you know in life are passed on. Do you realise that? The things you believe in, mantra, perspective, songs you make covers on, original ones from passed on insights, realisations, emotions & etc. Now, could you imagine something beautiful that has been passed on from generations to stop all because you decided to keep it to yourself? Or maybe you just … Continue reading DEVO 001 | Pass It On