Devo 007 | In The Hands of Jesus

Lately my daughter has been showing interest in reading. Yay! Before taking a nap, she gives this bible story book, rests her head on my arms & let me read to her. This particular story spoke to me in light of one of the challenges we are facing now.

In case the text isn’t clear from the photo, the story goes…

Jesus Feeds The 5000 (Luke 9)

Many people had followed Jesus to a place far away from town. It was getting late & JESUS KNEW THE PEOPLE WERE HUNGRY. So He said to his disciples, “Go & find food for the people.” But the disciples only found two fish & five loaves of bread that a little boy had brought. Jesus thanked God for the food, & then started to break it into pieces & there PLENTY OF FOOD FOR ALL. IN THE HANDS OF JESUS, the little boy’s two fish & five loaves of bread EASILY fed more than 5,000 people.

Everyone is definitely adjusting their lives at the moment. Nobody is exempted. Yet there are those who are suffering tremendously. Now, I cannot help everyone through food, finances nor shelter but I can pray & cast all my cares to Jesus, who CAN.

May we not forget at this time of need who Jesus is & what He alone can do.

In the hands of Jesus, 5,000 people were easily fed.

What are you praying/ believing for? Make a declaration of faith today.



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