For Every Mom Who’s Teaching Her Toddler For The First Time

“No pressure, Mama”. I tell myself. Been struggling to stick to a schedule in/& teaching my daughter but laban inahan (Fight Mama)! If you’re in the same page, Mama, here are a few things I encourage myself with & learned so far & today I #PassItOn.

1. Don’t compare.

We hear this a lot but we need to be reminded. Take inspiration from others but don’t pressure yourself into doing or being the same. You & your child are different from the rest.

2. Consistency is key.

Establish a schedule & have a designated area or space for learning so that when you go there, your child will know that it’s learning or study time.

3. Repetition is your friend.

Repeat lessons. I know it may seem that there is no progress but keep on! Don’t complicate things because at this stage (1-3 years old), repetition is how they learn. Plant seeds & in time you will reap the harvest.

4. Keep on!

In our case, when I started teaching & reading to my daughter, she wouldn’t sit still. At first I would honestly feel frustrated but #labaninahan! I’d keep on even if she’d walk around & do other things. I stand my ground & teach, read or sing. Eventually she’d sit & listen.

5. Slow & steady.

I started teaching her for 15 minutes & progressed to 30 to 45 then to an hour. The progress may be slow, nonetheless, progress. During that time we learn about alphabets, first words, numbers, play through sorting, read short stories & nursery rhymes as well as singing them with actions. Repeat as scheduled.

6. Simplify.

You do not need to use all the flash cards you bought. For example, you got number flash cards up to a hundred, do yourself & your child a favor by using only 1-5 or 1-10. You also don’t need to have expensive materials for learning. Use what you have at home, like spoons & plates for sorting. Don’t complicate things, simplify.

Believe me, there are days when my child gets cranky & throw tantrums, days too when I snap & don’t feel like teaching… only because it’s normal. It’s normal, ok? Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re reading this, it means you’re eager to be better. Being there with your child is more than enough. Incase nobody has told you lately, you are doing a great job, Mama!

I wish to share more & show you how we do it through a vlog but I don’t feel confident just yet. Hopefully within the year. If you have questions, I’m no expert but if you let me, I’d gladly help! Hit me up here or through my socials– instagramfacebook &/or youtube. Till next time!

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