DEVO 005 | More Than We Deserve

It’s the time of the year when thanksgiving takes the spotlight, although, like many, I believe thanksgiving ought to be celebrated every day. But it’s wonderful how everybody intentionally celebrates it, really. Don’t you think so? With this, I stumbled upon my dear friend, Dee’s post regarding the said occasion. She expressed, “what would happen if we get everything we wanted?” That really got me thinking & the next thing I know, here I am writing my thoughts about the matter.

We don’t get everything we want BUT we get more than we deserve.

Now, think about that for a moment.

Let’s be honest, we want a lot of things. Some things we get & some things we don’t. Nobody really gets everything they want. With that, the saying comes around that we count our blessings. Why do you think this phrase hits the spot? Because we don’t get everything we want but hey, count your blessings because the truth is, we get a lot of things we don’t deserve. When we shift our perspective to what we have, we realise how gracious our heavenly Father is & our hearts overflow with gratitude. Can’t think of anything? Well, here’s one. You’re reading this, you have eyes that can read, the same pair that see the beautiful skies & so much more. Start with that & let your heart burst with thanksgiving & praise!

Out of His fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given. John 1:16


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