DEVO 004 | BeautiFALL

He makes all things beautiFALL in His time. Ecclesiastes 3:11

Leaves aren’t always red, nor flowers in full bloom. The sun sets & snow melts. Seasons change but God doesn’t. Be confident of that truth.

On days like this, I can’t help but look back on hard times. In retrospect, those times gave me the heart to take this all in & cherish the littlest of things. And that whatever difficulty I’m facing now is temporary & preparing me to have the heart to receive whatever He has for me. Implicit knowing we have a Father who doesn’t withhold any good thing, given the rightful time. It is in these times that I’m reminded that our God is unchanging & limitless.

When our hearts feel limited to see the good & God’s greater purpose, let’s open up our victory bottles & grab every memory or moment He’s picked us up & set us high because we have a good, good Father whose promise & purpose, loyal & faithful.So if you’re in trying times, that won’t be the case forever. Set your eyes to Him who’s with you till the end. Lift up that limited heart to our limitless Father & LET HIM take it.

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