Taiwan Winter Baby Packing List

We just got back from Taiwan & will be sharing a few things from our trip! It’s our first out of the country travel with our baby so im excited to share this first- what to bring when traveling with an infant/ toddler during Winter in Taiwan.

Before I go on with the list allow me to remind you that“WINTER” weather varies. It varies in different countries, cities, date & even the time in a day. So before you go on your trip, make sure to check the weather forecast.

Winter in Taiwan

Based on research, winter in Taiwan runs from December to February with an average weather between 10ºC- 25ºC. This is considerably mild based on North American or European standards. December is the driest month with average weather between 13ºC to 18ºC average. January, the coldest month between 13°C to 16°C average t& February, between 10°C to 25°C.

Nonetheless we had to prepare because we come from a tropical country, really not used to weather below 25°C, which is also another factor. And again, it’s our first time with our baby. Better safe than sorry!

Here were the things we brought that we were able to use for our baby to counter winter weather in Taiwan.

1. Beanie/ Turban

2. Tights

3. Sweater

4. Thick Socks

5. Fleece Leggings

6. Down Jacket

These were the things we brought that we weren’t able to use.

1. Fleece Gloves/ Mittens

2. Foot Muff

3. Fleece Blanket

4. Boots

5. Scarf

Zhong She Guan Flower Market | Taichung | Taiwan

Thankfully when we got there, it was sunny so we didn’t need to use some of the things we brought. If it were raining & windy, I bet we would’ve used everything on the list, so we’d bring everything anyway. When it comes to traveling with a baby, I guess it’s better to be over prepared than the latter. Should you have any questions about this, would gladly help out. Leave a comment here &/or see you on my socials!

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