7 Things to Remember while Trying to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

You just had a baby! Congratulations! The first few weeks will be crazy but don’t you worry, it’ll get better. Yes that means long hours of sleep for you! Now, as you adjust to having your baby you will eventually have the time to look at yourself in the mirror & miss your pre- pregnancy body. Yes? About 5 months & I’ve reached my goal to getting back, not really in shape but, at least to my pre- preggo weight. From 70Kilos, I’m back to 52. Horray! I say not really in shape’ because I have to work on my belly (mom bod) but still, this is a victory for me & I want to share something to the motherhood community. Here are 7 things you ought to remember while trying to lose weight after giving birth.

1. It will take time

It took 9 months for your belly to expand, definitely it’ll take time going back to its glory. So don’t despair, take it easy. I know you hear this a lot but I guess it’s great to be reminded.

2. Breastfeeding makes a difference but it doesn’t take all the credit

According to research you burn a lot of calories while breastfeeding. Wow! But it wouldn’t really make a difference if you’re eating more than what you’re burning. Right? So easy on the sweets, darling! What if you’re formula feeding? Well since you are, 1, somebody can probably subtitute you for 1 session of feeding while you work out, 2 did you hear that your appetite increases when you breastfeed? So if you aren’t, that could be your takeaway. I mean, just try to look at the bright side & start doing something. It’s not easy, believe me I know but small steps are still steps! Baby steps!

3. Your baby is the priority, still

Although you want to lose weight, your baby is still the priority. If your means of trying to lose weight will sacrifice your role in mothering your baby, forget it. Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart! You have to be physically strong for your baby, more so emotionally. You can’t feel sorry for yourself for having that body. Let me remind you that you have just given birth, what more could you ask for?! (Haha! But I get you, Momma! )You have been given a miracle working body & that is priceless. Slowly but surely. Do something that’s feasible for you especially for your baby. There is always a way, always.

4. If there is a will, there is a way. It’s not a cliche

Although I’ve made it very clear in point number 3 that your baby is the priority, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways for yourself without sacrificing your baby’s welfare. There is always a way! Walk, do some squats or dance while carrying your baby for some physical activity. Choose healthy alternatives for your food. I understand you will need a break so don’t feel guilty when you want a cake but also, don’t lose yourself to stress eating. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see in my stories that I EAT. I do 2 cheat days in a week. You can do what works for you! Again, there is always a way!

5. Do it at your own pace

Never compare yourself to others. Some may lose weight faster or slow & that’s ok. Celebrate with those who’ve reached their goals! I remember a few weeks after giving birth I asked a friend if I would still lose weight, how long it’ll take… she encouraged me, showed me her pictures then & now. And I got encouraged! Nothing is impossible, I can do this! I told myself. Rather than comparing yourself with others, rejoice with them because somebody took one for the team! And get that positive vibe from them knowing that you’re on you’re way too as they’ve reached their goals. No judgement here dear! Go back to point 3. As long as you’re making progress, do it at your own pace & your way. Remember that we have different bodies, schedules, situations & etc. Slow & steady, you got this, Momma!

6. Surround yourself with Good Company

It gave me so much comfort knowing that I am not alone in this journey. That I am not alone in feeling that looking good isn’t shallow & everything else of course. Haha. All the Moms would probably agree. These are the people who will encourage, support you & if need be, they’ll give you tough love. Love, still, because there’s a difference between alpha moms forwardly correcting you to ones that’ll correct you or should I say, guide you in love. Surround yourself with positive vibes all the way! And pass it on by being a light to other moms who need it too!

7. Don’t torture yourself in the whole process

It’s called a process for a reason. Grow through what you go through. Follow a diet &/or workout plan but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating your chocolate cake. You need happy hormones you know! As what I’ve mentioned, I do cheat days on weekends, well, that’s just me. Go ahead with what’s doable for you. Again, point 5, do it at your own pace.

Nonetheless you have been & are amazing! Loving your home(body) means taking care of it. Being healthy, body soul, mind & spirit is very important. A healthy you is a happy you. And a healthy you means so much to your family. Remember that. God bless you Momma!

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