Reminiscing our First Travel as Mr. & Mrs. B: Singapore

Singapore Travel Essentials: Map of Singapore, Cap, Shades, Cameras, Water, Identity Bands & our wedding bands- just flaunting ’em!

Exactly 3 months ago, Reel & I entered into marriage. The day after, was my birthday, which was our flight going to Singapore. Our first travel as Mr. & Mrs. B.
A double celebration is an understatement. A minute of pause before I continue to tell you about our first travel. Just really want to give back the glory & love to God for his endless favour, relentless love & unending grace. All of the things I’ll be sharing wouldn’t be possible without his hand working marvellously in our lives. So horray to the adventures of Mr. & Mrs. B!

I’ve held on to the darkest nights, now let’s live through the night with the brightest lights. Quality time with Mr. B.


The first of the many ADVENTURES.






We arrived at dawn & was greeted by the wonderful Changi International Airport. Changi in itself is already a destination in Singapore. The place is just world class, it’s like a mall with so many perks, free massages, areas to sleep & lounge, a variety of food choices, good deals to shop and not to mention, clean carpets & toilets!


You’ll never get lost in Singapore, signs, maps & instructions where to go are everywhere.

Kopitiam Restaurant

Before heading to the hotel, we decided to grab a quick bite to one of the restaurants at the airport. We saw quite a lot of places to eat but we were looking for Singaporean food. Well, you’re already in another place, immerse. KOPITIAM it was. We had their signature Kopi, toast with kaya jam & eggs!

Then off we go!

Riding the subway is fast & easy too. Just follow the map & the line where you’re supposed to go to. Their subways are air-condition, so altogether it’s convenient & comfortable.

Checking Google Maps
Marina Bay Sands Hallway



Our first stop was at the Marina Bay Sands. It’s probably the best hotel in Singapore & we felt really blessed to be able to stay there.

Marina Bay Sands


After saying that we were on our honeymoon, they let us check- in at 6am, without charge. Talk about favor! And this was the lovely view that said hello to us.


Hello to this lovely view outside our hotel room!

The Marina Bay Sands Experience

There are so many things you can do at the Marina Bay Sands. Here were the things we enjoyed doing.

1. Swim at their boat- shaped pool while enjoying the view of the Marina Bay.SG4

2. Relax & take a dip at the Jacuzzi.

3. Spend some quality time at the room.

You’re at the Marina Bay Sands, don’t be so quick to go out & explore, explore the hotel first. So hey! Your room is part of that.

4. Wander around the viewing deck & take breathtaking snaps!

Snaps at the Deck by day


Snaps at the Deck by night

Around the area, you could already go to a lot of the must- see places in Singapore.

Magnificent Structures around Marina Bay

The Merlion

Singapore Flyer

Gardens By The Bay

Helix Bridge





Art Science Museum

The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands

You can get a good spot outside the Shoppes & watch the lights show by the bay in the evening.

And while you’re roaming around, don’t forget FOOD TRIP!

There are a lot of CELEBRITY RESTAURANTS at the Shoppes where you can indulge to gastronomic delights but if you’re on a tight budget, no worries! There are a lot of good hawker places around. Just go back to SG solely for the celebrity restaurants next time.

Sandwich ice cream by the streets for only $1.

Hawker at the food courts.


Day one & we’ve done a lot of things already! Day two & the rest of the days left, we went to the Orchard as it is already in the middle of the other spots to go.

Orchard is where you do shopping & discover more eats! You could do a lot of things there but our time wouldn’t really permit us to do EVERYTHING. So, besides shopping, here were the things we did around the Orchard & the places nearby.

Dine at Marché

Swiss at Singapore? If it’s worth it, why not?!






Eat more of those delicious & veeeery affordable sandwich ice cream.


Toast Box cafes are just around the corner, dig in to their kopi & toast with kaya jam while you’re in SG.



National Museum of Singapore

Learn how Singapore came to be. They’re actually a young country yet a very progressive one, interesting how they started from scratch! Had a lot to do with their leader- Lee Kuan Yew.











Check out their MOVIE THEATERS
Although it’s really just the same movie, we found it really cool that they give away their 3D glasses plus, they have clip- ons for those who are wearing eyeglasses. Sorry, we don’t have that where we come from. So yes, we were very happy.

Other places nearby where you can go are Clark Quay & ride the slingshot. Ride the subway & you go to China Town & Little India.

Clark Quay

China Town




And of course, our Singapore trip wouldn’t be complete without going to Universal Studios in Sentosa. We’ll probably go to the Night Safari & the rest of the places in Sentosa when we have kids. It’s best that you buy your tickets ahead online to cut to the lines. We got there early but the line to the tickets were reaaaaaaallllly long, gladly we got them ahead & lined up with the rest who already got their tickets. Imagine if we hadn’t. And we got free Universal Studios glasses for purchasing the tickets online!

So, as soon as the gates were opened, we conquered the giant! Our first ride was the Battlestar Galactica, both the HUMAN (red) & CYLON (blue). Fortunately (maybe unfortunate for me bec. I was too scared) we only waited for about 5 mins. because most of the people would probably go to the less scarry rides first.

That’s right! We rode this giant, first. SCARED to the moon! But made our Universal Studios trip worth it.

Us, after the crazy ride! A rightful selfie with the Battlestar Galactica.


Then we watched the WATERWORLD show.

Before you get in, they give you flyers to the map & schedules so that you’ll be guided. And they have lockers where you can place your items before going to the rides. Food stalls & restaurants are in every section too, nothing to worry about once you’re inside. Just have fun fun fun!

A piece of advice though, bring a menthol inhaler. You’ll realise when you get there. Haha.

It was truly a very entertaining show. Our next stop was visiting THE MUMMY. Still a scary ride, although it was mostly dark you could still feel the fall of the ride plus the fire & sound effects. It was very effective then & waiting for an hour & a half was worth it!


The last ride that we wanted to try was the TRANSFORMERS but the line would probably be too long & that would take away all the energy that we have left. Saving the best for last, we checked the other sections of Universal Studios.


We watched the 4D movie show of Shreck, Fiona & the gang!









We watched LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION by Steven Spielberg. It was an empty soundstage with the setting of a category 5 hurricane that would hit New York. So that’s how they do it! Cool.

Watched the parade & took more photos before the Transformers!

“Promise me something Katie. That you’ll take a lot of  pictures. You’ll only regret the ones you didn’t take.” Safe Haven


A few photos taken by Mr. B

Then, down to our last ride- the TRANSFORMERS. Waited for another hour, even more… then it was our turn!

That ends our Universal Studios experience & a few more hours till we kiss Singapore goodbye. Back to our first destination, Changi. Last sip & bite of kopi & kaya toast!

Singapore was enchanting but it wouldn’t be the same, without my prince charming.

I could go to any place & would feel as thrilled for as long as I have Mr. B holding my hand, the destination doesn’t matter because we are each others destination.

And with that, we can conquer the world. Till our next travel!

Special thanks to our Godparents, JP & Cielo Villegas for the mugs & friends, Wilma & Chen for the map.


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